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There are many products in the market that claim to be the best penis enlargement supplements. Only a few of them work as per their claims. The best of all them is maximize plus penile formula. This is the newly introduced supplement that is designed for increasing the size of male penis within a short time. 

This supplement is manufactured by hgh.com. The manufacturers claim that this product gives results without any help of extender devices, exercises, pumps and similar enlargement techniques. As per the company, purchasers of this product have experienced an increase of 3 inches on average in the penis size. 

For best results this product is to be used along with human-growth-hormone supplement. This is not necessary and you can use this product individually. The reason for using it with HGH supplement is that results are boosted. On average its use is required for at least 5 months to get 3 inches enlargement. It is made of all natural ingredients and is hence safest option for men.


Penis is made up of three chambers

  • 2 top corpora cavernosa
  • 1 corpus spongiosum

Corpora cavernosa are the erectile chambers that assist in erection. Corpus spongiosum assist in urination and ejaculation. On sexual arousal brain sends signals to body. These signals redirect the flow of blood towards erectile chambers. Such tissues are thus filled with blood that ensures harder erection. These more the blood in these 2 chambers is the stronger, the bigger and the harder male`s penis will be. This formula is designed for ensuring that men get bigger size and stronger erection within limited time period.


This formula is retailed by the name of Maximizer Plus that comes in the form of pills. This formula increases the capacity limit of erectile chambers and also allows flow of greater blood to the corpora cavernosa. Cell growth is enhanced by these pills by boosting blood stream. It thus makes penis appear larger and bigger in its erectile state. This is not a simple product. It is based on research that was carried out for several years. This product is said to be the successor of Maximizer Pills. Previous one was also good enough but this product will top up the power of formula and is solely based on natural ingredients.


This maximizer plus contains following ingredients. These are all natural ingredients that together provide a perfect penis enlargement pills.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that sustains functioning of liver and also increases production of the sexual fluid. It occurs naturally and is also included in some supplements.

Horny-Goat Weed (Epimedium) this is used for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Yohimba is the native species of Central Africa. Its leaves are used for their energy boosting and aphrodisiac effects for body.  

Ginkgo Biloba its leaves are known for strongest antioxidant properties. These also assist in memory and circulatory problems.

Maca is used for treatment of erectile dysfunctioning

Siberian Ginseng is a Chinese herb that boosts sexual appetite

Guarana is the plant from family of Sapindaceae`s that is used to boost sexual appetite and also to increase testosterone levels in males

Taurine is a complex amino-acid that performs role to protect brain, eyes and heart. It also boosts overall energy-levels.

Tribulus Terrestris is used to boost sexual appetite & in ensuring frequent erections
With the aid of these ingredients this formula assists in

  • Boosting levels of testosterone
  • Increasing the sexual arousal
  • Causing longer lasting & frequent erections

Niacin and calcium are also a part of this product but just as helpful-minerals. These are however not a part of proprietary blend. 


This formula is the top consumer product that ensures growth of penis size within few months. Just like other products for penis enlargement there are following pros and cons identified for this supplement;


  • It ensures growth upto 3.5-inches within just 5 months
  • It increases organ in both length and volume and thus makes is look thicker
  • There are reported side effects
  • It increases the endurance during sexual-acts
  • This formula is back by several research years
  • Its purchase comes with promo codes and free shipping


There are some of the cons noticed that are not related to its use but purchase.

Price: purchase of this formula is said to be cheap by its manufactures but in reality this is not so. For a supply of 6 months it will cost you $340 US. Manufacturers also offer free supply for few months for upper packages that help in providing better value of money. When price of this supplement is compared with that of other products this product is found to be providing the highest value in terms of gain.

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